A positive portrait project celebrating girls on the Autism Spectrum

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Unique Yet Familiar

The dream of the Beautiful, Aspergers portrait project is all about empowering girls to identify with their autism diagnosis in a positive way. Recognising those familiar traits but also celebrating each person's unique gifts and personality.

Primarily, Beautiful, Aspergers is an awareness project, drawing positive attention to the female profile of Autism. Autism is widely considered to be under-diagnosed and misunderstood in girls, with the majority of Autism diagnoses being boys.

This project is part of a general movement to redefine disability with positive language, and to recognise the beautiful unique gifts that Autism brings to this world. While understanding the struggles and challenges of life with Aspergers, our intention is to focus on the positives in a way that encourages and celebrates these girls and women.

Above all, Beautiful, Aspergers tells the story of these girls and women, each one a beautiful soul, both because of their Autism and aside from it.